Illustrated poem I



Cold rain connected the river when the night arrived at Wu,

Chu mountain also becomes lonely after I see off my friend tomorrow morning. 

If our friends in Luoyang inquire about me, 

please reply my love keeps the same just like a piece of ice stays in a jade pot. 

(Translation of this poem)

Cold rain connected the river when the night arrived at Wu

b/w line


This is my first blog on my website. I like to write down my thoughts, new experience or design processes to capture my journey as an illustrator. During this quarantine time in new york city, it gives me lots of time to reflect on myself and the way I want to go. I love Chinese traditional poems for a long time and I tried to illustrate one these days. I picked this farewell poem from poet Wang Changling. 

 First, as usual, I chose one moment in this poem and drew several sketches down. Due to my awareness that I will try Ukiyo-e color this time, I picked a different viewpoint, which camera is from the inner boat. The main scene and the rain lines are drawn separately. 

This is a farewell poem and it evoked my missing of my best friends in Xi’an. It was also a rainy farewell night when I was about to leave my hometown to NYC for my graduate study. My friends, I miss you! 

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